Focus on your customers, not your paperwork with OrderEZ

Delegate ordering but retain control, close the loop with your accounts team, and drive efficiency.

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Schedule orders in advance
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Approval workflows and spending limits
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Order history and audit logs
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The product you buy from your suppliers at your price
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No more ordering from email, WhatsApp, SMS, fax, phone calls, sales reps
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Status of all outstanding orders and expected delivery date

Customizable Setup

  • Multiple outlets or cost centers (bar, kitchen, etc)
  • Spending limits by user
  • Approval workflows
  • User permissions and roles
  • Unlimited users
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Xero Integration

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  • Eliminate data entry
  • Orders automatically turn into Bills to Pay
  • Delivery confirmations saved to Bills to Pay

Supplier Management

  • Add new suppliers
  • Add and edit products, prices, etc.
  • See up to date spend by month & supplier
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