Making a living running a bar isn’t easy.

Whether your goal is to build a world class bar program to get listed on the 50 Best list or to build a community center where friends meet and celebrate life’s success and console each other in trying times, bars play a critical role in society.


Bar Management

One of the easiest things to ignore is one of the most important, the finances. It’s not hard to get caught up in the cycle of service, prep, closing, rinse and repeat, but if you’re not paying attention to your monthly spend things can go bad quickly. And we know the last thing you want to do is spend hours gathering up documents to get them to your accountant, but you do it because you need to know this information.

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Bar Inventory
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Close the Loop

OrderEZ helps bar owners and managers get back precious hours, bridges the gap between operations and accounting, reduces waste, and gives you the ability to delegate without giving up control all while delivering the data insights that you’ve always wanted but could never get.

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Supplier Management

Remember that one supplier that always seems to mess up your order? Yeah, we all have that one, but finding a new supplier is a hassle and you keep asking yourself “Are they really that bad or am I just annoyed at them today?”

With OrderEZ you can see how often what you ordered isn’t what you got and how long it takes to deliver. You can also see your spend by supplier in real-time which helps when you’re trying to negotiate.

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Tracking Spend

When the 20th of the month rolls around do you start wondering “Are we going to make money?” You always know your revenue, because every POS on the planet gives you sales in real-time, but when do you see your COGS? The tenth of next month, if your accountant is really on top of it? Whenever it is, it’s too late to do anything about it because you’ve already spent the money.

OrderEZ shows your COGS, in real-time so you stop those end of the month orders that make the difference between a being in the black or a little in the red.

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From Order To Accounts Payable

Your accountant is going to love you. OrderEZ will reduce data entry by hours every month, increase accuracy, and eliminate that takeout bag of invoices you bring over to their office every Monday.

If you’re using Xero, every order you place from OrderEZ generates a Draft Bill to Pay. Snap a picture of the invoice when you receive the goods and it automatically attaches to that bill. No data entry, just review to make sure what you got what you ordered and click Approve. That means your books are done faster and more accurately.


Mobile and Desktop Interface

OrderEZ brings the best tools from top tier procurement programs and makes them approachable and useful at any scale. Delivering hours of time savings, approval workflows to keep you in control, connecting your operations to your accountant, and giving you the insights you need to succeed in one of the most competitive businesses around.

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OrderEZ plugs the industry gap for an affordable end-to-end solution that can help you digitalise:


Supply chain processes

Centalise Business management

Centralise business management

Increase revenue generation

Increase revenue generation.

Restaurant Placing Orders

Placing Orders

The team at OrderEZ has worked in the industry pouring shots, building drinks, setting rosters, and placing orders to suppliers and we know how much time it all takes.

If things are good, you’ve been able to delegate some aspects of service, so you don’t have to be at the bar every day. But much as you want to delegate more, you’re a little scared to let the team start placing orders from suppliers without reviewing them first.

We built OrderEZ to help you solve these exact problems.

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Download Our apps

New bartender joining the team? Have them download the app and start ordering from your pre-approved list of suppliers at your agreed upon prices, but maintain control of the process with our approval workflows. When they place an order you get a notification on the app to approve the order, you look through it on your mobile, and click approve and the order is on the way to the supplier.

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