Brewing good beer is a mix of art, science, and experience.

And so is building good software and have we got a tasty pint for you!


Brewery Management Software

The team at OrderEZ has worked in the industry pouring pints, moving boxes, and selling cases and we know that making great beer is just the first step in running a successful brewery.
Just like you don’t want your head brewer running your sales team, you definitely don’t want your sales team running on your brewing software.

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Sales Team Management

Accurate insights to your team’s output

Deal Pipeline

Centalise Business management

Account Management

Increase revenue generation

To Do

OrderEZ’s ERP integration bridges the gap between form and function.

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Yes, your ERP allows your team to input orders and maybe even has some CRM functionality. Still, it’s probably some ugly, old, dos-matrix looking interface that actively discourages people from using it.
Why does work have to be so ugly? We incorporate the design and UX that we all enjoy in our personal lives with the functionality necessary to get shit done.

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How it Works

Mobile and Desktop Interface

We deliver a beautiful mobile and desk top interface that your sales team is going to love using day-to-day. Our native Android and iOS apps sync all your data in real-time to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop on order status, inventory levels, and what everyone is up to.

Track account visits, log expenses, and place orders on the fly.

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OrderEZ plugs the industry gap for an affordable end-to-end solution that can help you digitalise:


Supply chain processes

Centalise Business management

Centralise business management

Increase revenue generation

Increase revenue generation.


Order History

Have all your account’s ordering history at your fingertips so that when you sit down at the bar to chat, you’re armed with the information you need to make a sale.

Inventory numbers at your fingertips so you can avoid that awkward “Sorry that’s out of stock” conversation that everybody dreads.

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Expense Reporting

Expense reporting is a breeze with our mobile app that captures receipts and tracks expense by sales rep and by customer so you can track your return on investment and know who it pays to visit.

Your expenses get automatically pushed into the accounting software so once you’ve logged the expense, you’re done!

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Get out from behind your laptop, see the world, but still be in control with OrderEZ.

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