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OrderEZ January Product Updates!

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OrderEZ January Product Updates!

We’re starting 2022 with a bang and many cool features added to OrderEZ! Read on to find out more about some of the latest feature updates from our recent release! Check back often for more updates and previews of what's to come, to see our latest patch notes, click here.

Xero Integration – Mapping of Sales Accounts and Tracking Categories on a more detailed level 

The Xero integration with OrderEZ just got better! For Suppliers, you can now map different sales accounts and tracking categories to specific products and/or outlets in OrderEZ. For Outlets, you can map different COGS accounts and tracking categories to products and/or suppliers. This info is captured and flows into your draft invoice/bills to pay, giving you more detailed and accurate financial reports from Xero.

Want to track sales for “On Trade” and “Off Trade”? Now you can automatically by mapping those customers to the appropriate spot on the Chart of Accounts. Do you sell kegs of beer and cases of beer? Want to see the split in your P&L? Now that's easy with OrderEZ:

Product 2.0 

In this release, we decided to give our product page a little boost and added several new features including marking a product as “Market Price”, setting sales and price units for products and defining quantity increment and minimum sale quantities. 

  • Market Price 

This was a big part of the release! We’ve added a nifty little check box called “Market Price”. When a product is marked as “Market Price”, you don’t have to tag a permanent price to that product. Instead, update the price of the product when you receive an order from your customer. Perfect for products like fresh produce, meat, or seafood with fluctuating prices. 

  • Setting price units and sales units  

This was something we missed in previous releases, but as we welcome more suppliers offering a greater variety of products (meat, fresh produce, beverages etc), it is time that we include dedicated fields to dictate the exact units of product. You can set up different price units and sale units for your products, such as pieces, kilograms, cases of 4 or 24 etc. You can also add new units to the list and configure the unit type.

  • Quantity increment and minimum sales quantity 

We’ve also built additional fields to define quantity increment (eg order by 0.01kg, 0.1kg, or 1kg) and minimum sales quantity. Defining the quantity increment will allow a more accurate record of quantity and calculation of line amount on products.

Suppliers - Pick List!

We’ve added Pick List to the list of documents you can export from OrderEZ. The exported pick list will contain the list of picking items compiled to fulfill the orders in the defined period according to the filter. A feature the warehouse team is sure to love.

Check back in often! OrderEZ is constantly working on new features and improvements to help serve you better - we look forward to getting better together!

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