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Breaking Bread: Food, Family, & Legacy

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Breaking Bread: Food, Family, & Legacy

In my family there are a couple of food stories that continue to get retold, both out of fame and infamy. From the latter category is the frozen Twinkie war that waged throughout the house between my brother and I when we were about 10 and 12. A quintessential “If I can’t have it than no one can” battle for the ages. But from the former category were Christmas dinners and the epic prime rib that was served year after year at my grandma’s farmhouse. With anywhere from eight to 14 mouths to feed it was of epic proportions; it’s preparation included duct tape over the oven door with “DO NOT TOUCH” scribbled on it, and let us not forget the carving of such a monster of a roast, it was definitely the center piece of the meal. My Grandmother has passed, and the farmhouse was sold, but I conjure those memories every time I think of prime rib, my grandmother, or the farmhouse.

This past month I had the pleasure of joining my wife’s family in celebrating her grandma’s 90birthday. Grandma Bevvie was as active as she was when I first met her nearly 20 years ago, completely switched on, and enjoying every minute of being the center of attention. She was surrounded by five grandchildren, four great-grand children, her two daughters, and an assortment of other family and friends. It was a joy to see everyone come together to share in recognizing her importance to each and all. Sandwiched between all the well wishes and congratulations, the five grandchildren, my wife included, took center stage to share some of their fondest memories with Grandma Bevvie. When all five had finished and I stood in the back of the room clapping, I was struck by the common thread that tied them all together…food. Each and every grandchild’s favorite memory with Grandma revolved round food. From homemade strawberry ice cream to sweet corn and everything in between.

I live my life in a state of food addiction, surrounded personally and professionally by people who are driven to seek out, create, and deliver the best food and drink the world has to offer. The birthday party’s mixed audience fixation on food as it relates to happy memories was a powerful reminder. Although a few of the grandchildren enlisted in the Army of the Food Obsessed, the others were merely civilians, including the center of all this praise Grandma Bevvie herself. Food and the feeding of those you love can leave a lasting impression, felt deep within the soul and lasting for decades. It's less about the fuss and all about the love in which it's delivered.

Grandma Bevvie's Homemade Ice Cream Recipe

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 & 2/3 cups of sugar
  • 2 half & half*
  • 3 tablespoons of vanilla
  • Milk to fill*

* It's hard to know exactly what these units of measure are, but a lady has to keep some secrets. Good luck!

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