Frequently asked questions

Happens to all of us, the inbox gets backed up and before you know it...boom. Expired link.

Easy fix. Just head over to: and enter the email address where you got the invite.

  1. Enter your email where you got your invite.
  2. Click "Send Reset Email"
  3. Check your email and click "Reset Password"

Well done! You're ready to start sharing the love with OrderEZ and getting the rest of the team on the platform and ordering. Let's walk through how to add someone new. We're going to be working with Banging Bagels. Our fictitious bagel shop that delivers delicious bready goodness, rolled, boiled, and slathered with cream cheese.

1. Click on your venue's name in the top right-hand corner.

2. Choose "Go to Group Settings"

3. Next, choose "Users"

4. Now choose "Add New User"

5. Input their Name, Email Address, and Choose a User Role.

Basics of Ordering

If you've ever shopped online, then you can use OrderEZ. Our mantra is Ordering made it was pretty important we got that right!

Find what you want to order:

1.    Search
Just type the product name

2. Sort by Supplier Pick a supplier and there are their products. You can then Search only their products if you want.

3. Sort by Category Pick a category and there are their products. You can then Search only from that category.

Learn more about Products or get the Supplier Details.

Click on any Product to see more details. From there you can click on the "Supplier info" for contact details, MOQ, etc.

Load up that shopping cart.

Click on the cart and there you go. Want to order 5, 10, 20? Just type the quantity where you see "1" or keep hitting the "+". Order from multiple suppliers all at the same time.

Checkout and add a Note.

All your shopping gets aggregated into one list, you can review each order to each Supplier, add a note, revise quantities, remove products, select a type of order, and submit from one place.

See our article on Types of Orders for more detail on Standing and Scheduled Orders.

Request your invite and get started!

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